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Icarus Scene Engine 3.1 3.1

Download: download-opentk_1.html
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md5_file hash: b806ab4685c167365f503a2e255dea41
First released: 25 September, 2013 - 12:02

Icarus Scene Engine 3.1 is a cross-platform, CLS-compliant 3D framework, integrating open source APIs into a cohesive all-open-source, all .NET solution. For Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Web, iOS, Android.

Uses OpenTK, OpenGL, OpenAL, Mono/.NET, FFMpeg and FreeType.

Binaries built with ISE run without recompilation across Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, with only Mono/.NET being an installation requirement.

Now includes blank example project solution for iOS, Win, Mac, Linux builds, neater folder structure, numerous bug fixes and improvements over 3.0. Please read the included "3.1 Changes from 3.0.pdf" for a list of all the major changes, tweaks, fixes and improvements.