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Icarus Scene Engine 3.1 released

Latest version of ISE now available.

Some of the feature include:

Background asset loading
native .NET streaming OGG audio
OBJ and 3DS file loading, with ASE and MS3D on the way.
hierarchical scene management
material management & optimised rendering to remove unnecessary GL calls (crucial for iOS performance)
7 selectable coordinate systems across all objects & now composite coordinates (multiple coordinates used to represent the location of one object, individually animatable).
cameras, lenses
particle arrays
shaders, dynamic LOD geometry primitives, abstract render buffers for automatic VAO, VBO, Vertex Array, or Immediate mode rendering of all objects
frame buffer object abstractions (called Surfaces) to simplify FBO rendering
infinite keyframe Bezier animation types across all coordinate types, with automated control point positioning as well as double, int, color, float animatable types.
HTTP / embedded resource or local loading of all asset types, by simply changing the filename.

and lots more!



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looks promising