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Quick progress update

0.3.11 will contain GLU and GLX bindings, fixes for the VS2005 designer crash and the GetFloatv-values-not-updating (and related) problems. Mouse and Joystick support will have to wait for the next release, unfortunately. The problem is that I'm having exams in two weeks' time, so I can't devote as much time to OpenTK as I would like.

Up to now, I have implemented the necessary support for GLU and GLX in the generator. The first thing I had to do was to optimize Bind, as the generation process took more than 6 minutes with the GLU specs! Some caching and a few other changes brought the time down to ~40 seconds, still not great but definitely better. The second thing (and most important) thing has to do with GLU and GLX structs and callback declarations. Not hard, but it has to be done by hand (annoyingly enough), and requires googling for the necessary type definitions.

I've applied some final tweaks to the GL class by using Regexes to trim function endings (the annoying [234][fdis][v] things), as far as I can see all cases missed in 0.3.9 are covered now.

I haven't started investigating the VS2005 crashes yet, but fortunately I have a workaround ready. I also have a feeling they are related to the debugger lockups I posted about earlier, and that they won't be easy to debug. Will see.

I'll tackle the last GetFloatv issues tomorrow, my gut says they are somehow related to the in/out parameter flow direction.

Till next time!