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SevenEngine Update 9-28-13

Blog Entry #2 of Project: SevenEngine.

I finished the ".obj" model importer with the help of the "MeshoMatic" project. I am still cleaning up the code, but it works if you simply follow the examples in "Game.cs" and "objTesterState3.cs". I have also figured out how simple camera controls are with OpenTK (they made mouse and keyboard input very easy), so if you need an example. I still have very little documentation besides the in-line comments, so if you dont want to read my code extensively, you might want to wait till I have time to document it more.

Check out the source code on (username 53V3N1X, project SevenEngine).

BLOG ENTRY EDIT: I have probably removed "objTesterState3.cs" by now but I'll always keep the project in a compile-able (run-able) state. (I'll try not to use time-sensitive info in my future blog posts...)

Thanks for following the project.
-Zachary Patten

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