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SevenEngine Update 10-5-13

Blog entry #3 for project "SevenEngine".

The engine has functional camera controls using euler rotations, so gimbal lock is possible (will try to switch to quaternions as soon as i understand them). An IMPORTANT CHANGE is that I made the GPU mapping classes (Texture, StaticMesh, and I'll switch Sound soon too) into classes vs structs. This is so that I can alter all GPU references by reference rather than manually calling each hardware instance.

After looking at other engines out there, I feel my design has a real benefit for being extremely easy to manage hardware instancing.

Still no documentation except in line comments, but I will try to write documentation as soon as I am confident I will not change fundamental designs.

NOTE: If you attempt to run my projects examples from the visual studio debugger, some of the triangles on the models will not render properly. Just run the "game.exe" outside of the visual studio environment to debug graphical issues (I'm not sure of the cause, but I bet its just that the visual studio debugger is not meant for graphics intensive programs and is restricting something).

See the project page for "SevenEngine" on this OPenTK site, or skip to the GitHub page for the project "SevenEngine" if you wish to know more.

Thanks for watching my project.

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