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SevenEngine Update 10-11-13

SevenEngine has been changed down to its base design. I AM EXCITED FOR IT!

The game project (where people would input game control logic) no longer has any dependency on OpenTK. Thus, even a user not literate with OpenGL/OpenTK functions can use my engine by following my very simple examples. So if you are new to graphics programming, PLEASE check out the project because I feel it could really help new-comers in its current state (not saying I'm a master yet, but I'm getting the hang of things).

One major change is that I made all the manager classes (wrapper classes) static, because there should only be one instance of every type of item loaded onto VRAM. This makes logical sense, and hell, if a programmer really wanted different databases, just implement your own over-top of my existing data bases (or just alter my source code).

Like I already mentioned, I completely abstracted OpenTK from the game project. This is so that people can use my engine without worrying about how OpenTK works. There is nothing stopping you from using OpenTK in your game code, but there is just nothing REQUIRING you to do so anymore.

I added an input manager class with a two-step state system. I would like to give a big shout out to Nick Boen, a fellow student of mine who has aided my with several design decisions. Although I wrote all the code myself, but Nick gave me the design for the InputManager class as well as random pointers here or there.

These are just a few of the changes I have made. Check out the engine on GitHub (project: SevenEngine) for the full tour. I hope anyone who check out the engine has fun using it or at least learns something.

Thanks for following my project! -Seven

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