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Weird Debug/Compile problem in VS2010


So I'm having a annoying problem in VS2010.

If I write a program and Run it in VS2010 it works fine... the 1st time.
When I change code it doesn't effect my program.
I can even delete all my code, and I mean ALL of it, but it will still run the same stuff as when I ran it the 1st time...

So every time I change some thing in my program I have to create a new project and copy and paste my code in there for it to compile the changed code.

This only happens when I'm using OpenTK, normal c++/cli programs works fine.

Any ideas?


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I cannot imagine how using OpenTK could cause this behavior in any way. Is this reproducible on different systems?

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I managed to fix it somehow, I think it was some sort of internal error...