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SevenEngine Update 10-16-13

SevenEngine is a game engine I'm developing in C#. It is still in its early stages so don't expect a revolutionary engine just yet. However, it does have static 3D model importing, 2D texture/image importing, glsl file loading, and an input manager. Now that you know what it is, on to the update...

SevenEngine has its own website!

Check it out:

I just made the site, so it is quite bare at the moment, but I intend to use this site for documentation, examples, update discussions, and citations of the engine. I will continue to post updates on this OpenTK website when I reach major milestones, but I will be posting updates more frequently on the discussion page of the new site. I've never made a website before, but I just installed wordpress and it seems simple enough (don't judge me trying to make an engine but failing at web design :P).

In terms of the engine itself, I'm quite busy writing data structures I intend to use. I just finished a priority queue, but I'm still writing an AVLTree, a Hash Table, and many others (you can never have enough data structures). Sure several of these data structures are supplies by the Net Framework, but I can probably work in some pretty sweet optimizations by doing things myself.

I still have my obj importer, but I am making my own file format for the engine. There are multiple reasons for this. Some of these reasons include sorting triangles by normals for mass back face culling before the GPU (for static models only), I intend to make a humanoid animation library to which any humanoid model can be mapped and be animated with all animations that the library supports (this wont happen till spring 2014 though), I want to include glsl shader programs with the models files, and I want to make the files easy for hardware instancing to occur (prevent duplication of textures or model data).

I just added to the InputManager to support nearly all the keys supported by OpenTK (before it was just the letters). I'm always fixing bugs (I don't have many bugs in terms of my code, but I trusted the game programmer to not make mistakes in a lot of places).

Although I allow you to load glsl shader programs, I don't really understand them yet (I just have't written any before). However, I managed to follow a tutorial I found for Lambertian lighting. It doesn't work fully yet, because I don't think I'm using my normal values correctly, but it does change the lighting as you move the camera.

The camera is still messed up due to switching to a quaternion, but I'll have that fixed soon.

Thanks for following the project. -Seven