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SevenEngine Update 11-6-13

SevenEngine is a graphics engine I'm developing in C#.
SOURCE CODE: (project "SevenEngine" on, the website above has a link to it)

Now on to the update:

I have big progress to report!

Data Structures Implemented: Octree (fully functional except for a glitch in remove method), AVL Tree (fully functional except for a glitch in remove method), Queue, Stack, Heap, and List. I have NO DEPENDENCY ON "SYSTEM.COLLECTIONS" anymore!

I have my own working trigonometry calculation functions using taylor series'. They are no where near "System.Math", but they cheat by using a reference table :(

The camera is completely fixed for euler rotations.

I fixed 2d sprite importing using orthogonal matrices, so menus are now possible. Im still developing 3d sprites (for like leaves on trees or other possible 2d desires).

With a functional Octree, rendering can be made very efficient, as well as physics (which I won't be implementing anytime soon, but I'll get to it someday).

I'm constantly updating it, and the progress is definitely showing.

The main purpose of the project is not just to make a working game engine, but do so in a way where I write EVERYTHING myself for my educational purposes and others seeking the knowledge of how game engines actually work, which is why I am implementing my own data structures, mathematics, and NEVER importing other libraries.

I have a functioning game demo with the source code in the "Game" project, so if you are good at C# programming, you should give this project a look.

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