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VertexPointer, ColorPointer, etc. implementation


I'm working with OpenTK and had an intermittent problem wherein sometimes things would fail to draw. I double checked my data and it was correct so I looked at how the VertexPointer method in particular was implemented. It appears to get a pointer from .NET/Mono for the array passed in, retain it just for the duration of passing it to GL, then discard it. This is a little misleading, and seems like the method should be marked unsafe.

On the other hand, I should stop being lazy and make this editor tool use VBOs!

Thanks for reading.


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It makes sense if you think about it. There is absolutely no way for OpenTK (or p/invoke in general) to determine how long it should pin a data pointer. The only one with that information is your application.

Three solutions:

  • use server-side storage (VBOs)
  • pin data buffers explicitly
  • allocate buffers in unmanaged memory.

Given that OpenGL 3.x and 4.x remove support for client-side storage, VBOs are the best solution.

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Oh yeah, the implementation's fine and makes perfect sense. But I think there should be an unsafe flag on methods that do this, to make it clearer to consumers of the API that it is not a "set and forget" method. I was expecting it to hold a reference to the array or copy it.

Thanks for developing this toolkit, the WinForms control is great.