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DDS Loader

I found a heap of old threads from 2008 about a DDS loader in OpenTK but can't actually find anything in OpenTK about it, I assume its been scraped?


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It's example code, feel free to copy it into your project.

I have a newer version somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

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Thanks for that, I had thought I had seen talk of it being uploaded to a SVN so I had thought it must of been apart of the official release.

EDIT: Just a note, I'm not sure if its a error in C#, but when you convert to vb.net it needs a comma at line 119 right on the end
EDIT EDIT: What is "TextureLoaderParameters" I can't find a definition for it, not even in C#
EDIT EDIT EDIT: I found it on the github, the search just wasn't working properly at first.

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You are right about the comma, will fix.

TextureLoaderParameters exists here: https://github.com/opentk/opentk/blob/master/Source/Examples/Utilities/L...

The whole Examples project is a little bit messy, it could use some cleaning up...