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assembly for Xamarin

1) Xamarin use openTK1.0. There are difference in API for Android and IOS (function arguments, enums - for example GL.CreateShader method have argument type - All in Android, ShaderType in ios). Why? Is this difference in 1.1 version?
2) How can I assemble openTK for Xamarin? I tried to do it by Xamarin studio. But when I refer to result openTK in Android project I have problem. I try using OpenTK.Platform.Android, but it is not available. There is OpenTK.Platform.Windows exist only. What do I wrong? I must make separate assembly for each platform? How can I do it?


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  1. The OpenTK version found in Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android was developed internally (closed-source) by Xamarin. I do not know why they decided to offer different enumerations for iOS and Android, sorry.
  2. Xamarin is gradually open-sourcing their version of OpenTK. The source code can be found here: Check the rodo-consolidate-opentk and the monotouch branches, you should be able to build those with Xamarin Studio.

We are now working with Xamarin to integrate their changes back into the open-source version of OpenTK (found on this site), so in the following months it will become possible to build all versions from the same codebase. However, merging 3 years worth of divergent changes, and making sure nothing breaks in the process, is no simple task.

I have spent roughly two months developing the necessary tooling to make this possible. This is in place now, so the actual integration process can begin.

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Many thanks for your reply. It became more clear for me