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Export model to .obj/.3ds file

Help me please, how can I export my model to file on disk??
I create the model from emgu cv point cloud and need to save it into file. I hope correct it by the Blender 3D in the future.
Thanks in advance!


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Anybody? Can you help me?

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You are unlikely to stumble across C# exporters for .obj or .3ds.
If you are proficient enough you can learn about one of the file formats, look up tutorials on reading, and then reverse the process to write your own.
Random links from Google for .obj

Obj is supposedly easier to deal with, and its in ASCII text format, while .3ds is binary.

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There is a sample script here:

It is made for Unity, but the file format is extremely simple. Check MeshToString and DoExport, you can use those to build your own exporter in 100-200 lines of code.

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Thank you for answers! I'll try it.
But on first time I solved my issue by exporting cloud to .ply file.