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Joystick Device does not detect all buttons on some gamepads

I noticed you are in the process of implementing a new GamePad class so I thought I should bring this issue up.

I'm using a 6 button Sega Mega Drive controller, and JoystickDevice is detecting the D-PAD and X,Y,Z, and the shoulder button, but does not detect A,B,C and Start. The gamepad works fully in several games and emulators I tried. For example in MicroMachines V4 Start, A,B and C are buttons 1 through 4, and Trigger,X,Y,Z are 5 through 8.

I remembered there was an old Windows cap for 4 buttons, so I tried an Xbox 360 gamepad, but the JoystickDevice recognized all buttons.

Edit: after playing some emulators now the JoystickDevice recognizes all 8 buttons and in the correct order. Further investigation is needed why and how is this happening.


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Does this affect the SDL2 backend or just the native windows backend? The windows backend has a known issue with hats, but so if any buttons are reported as a hat they will currently fail to work. A fix is WIP.

I think you can check this through the windows control panel.

Edit: weird.

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Actually yes, thats exactly what happened... After I posted the topic I placed the SDL2.dll file to fix the switching issue and now all the buttons are reported, but the Y axis on the D-Pad is reversed