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Is there a way to reduce external dependencies on Linux and OS X?

Currently my project uses .Net 2.0 and OpenAL.

On Ubuntu 12+ it needs mscorlib.dll despite it having mono already, and also It seems Linux wants those files to be in specific folders that I dont have write permissions for(even as admin) so one has to install "libmono2.0-cil mono-runtime" and "libopenal1". My Launcher checks if these are installed and then prompts the user to agree. The problem is that it requres both a password and an internet connection. I've heard on SteamOS its even harder to install.

Also on OS X one needs to download and install Mono, which also requres a password.
Is there a way to reduce those installations, while still having the same .exe running on the major desktop platforms? I dont mind if every platform needs a separate launcher.


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Yes, this is absolutely possible.

For unmanaged dependencies, such as OpenAL, you can modify the lookup paths in OpenTK.dll.config to point to local subdirectories, e.g:

<dllmap os="linux" cpu="x86" dll="openal32.dll" target="lib/x86/"/>
<dllmap os="linux" cpu="x86_64" dll="openal32.dll" target="lib/x64/"/>

Using paths like "lib/[cpu]/[library]" makes porting to Android simpler. (See

For Mono, I have had great results embedding the runtime into a tiny C++ launcher. There is an extensive tutorial on the topic plus a github project that implements this (albeit in a slightly overcomplicated fashion.) The nice thing in this case is that you can use monolinker to detect and minimize the set of managed assemblies required by your application:

cd opentk/Dependencies/managed
mono monolinker.exe -a [path-to-your-exe] -c copy -l none -out output

This will shrink OpenTK.dll down to a few hundred kilobytes. Experiment with "-c link" to also reduce the size of system assemblies.

On Linux, you can also use mkbundle to create a self-contained executable. I do not know how well this works.

For Mac OS X, I would also suggest bundling SDL2 with your application. It works much better than the native Carbon backend on modern systems with retina displays.

Finally, opentk/develop now contains fixes for almost all windowing issues on Linux and Mac OS X, so make sure you are using an up-to-date version. There will be another beta release very soon and a stable release will follow within this month.

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Thanks, I'll try those suggestions.