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GLControl and VS2012 Toolbox

I can't get GLControl to appear in the VS2012 toolbox - I'm trying the OpenTK "Building a Windows.Forms + GLControl based application" tutorial.

I have: VS2012. A new Windows Forms project. OpenTK 1.1.1456.5398 and OpenTK.GLControl 1.1.1456.5398 installed in my solution via NuGet. They show up in the project references.

When I use the "choose items" dialog in the toolbox, and find the dll OpenTK.GLControl.dll it eventually tells me:

Microsoft Visual Studio
There are no components in 'R:\...\OpenGLTest1\packages\OpenTK.GLControl.1.1.1456.5398\lib\NET40\OpenTK.GLControl.dll' that can be placed on the toolbox.

Various online solutions to that are proposed (not specific to GLControl) - including drag/drop of the DLL right onto the toolbox (also doesn't do anything), restarted VS completely (doesn't help), compiling the project first then restarting VS (doesn't help).

Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks! -- David


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I can reproduce this in VS2013 when using the nuget package. If I uninstall the nuget package and reference OpenTK.dll and OpenTK.GLControl.dll directly from a local installation, then it appears to be working correctly.

Can you please file a bug report marked with [Nuget] in the title at https://github.com/opentk/opentk/issues. Thanks.

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Done. Thanks for your quick repro.