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ILNumerics.Net plot controls released

In the past days we finally managed to release OpenGL plot controls for ILNumerics.Net - utilizing OpenTK. Thanks again, for your fast and reliable support and for the whole library! It speeded up development enormously! The best part is, our controls did work right out of the box like a charm on .NET and mono (1.2.6)! Thanks to GLControl!
We will keep on improving the visualization part of our lib, so probably we will be able to do some contributions for OpenTK in parallel. Would be nice, to be listed in the list of tools & utilities too ... ? :)


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Looks great!

Have you considered using ILMerge (or the Mono equivalent monomerge) to merge OpenTK into ILNumerics.Drawing? There's a good chance that you are only using 20KB worth of functions from OpenTK.dll, there's no need to distribute the whole 1.5MB dll. (OpenTK 0.9.2 will no longer distributing an OpenTK.dll.config either.)

I'll add ILNumerics.Net to the tools & utilities section.

Also, thanks for mentioning that ILNumerics is using OpenTK. It's awesome from a practical standpoint: higher exposure means more users, and more users mean more testing and/or contributions - and hence higher quality. :)

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Thanks! ILMerge is a good point! I did like the ability to update OpenTK seperately from ILNumerics.Net binaries (especially for external users). But several issues exists, which will make this impossible at the moment. So merging is definitely a good advice.

[links] I even added a more prominent link to OpenTK. :)

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The plot looks really awesome.. Good luck with ILNumerics, great initiative!