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Clicks generate both a click event and a move event?

Are clicks supposed to generate both a click & a move event?

I haven't found any evidence that this happens to anyone else, or that they consider it a problem. I'd like to find out what the "normal" state of things is before I rewrite any code to handle it.

I can turn my mouse upside down and shake it, and no movement events are generated, so this isn't a case of the mouse being moved as I click it.

When I print debug info in the handlers, I see this:

Mouse click handler entered.
Mouse click handler setting KeyPressed.
Mouse click handler removing highlight.
Mouse click handler exiting.
Mouse move handler entered.
Mouse move handler setting highlight.
Mouse move handler exiting.

...for a single click with no movement.

I can work around this problem by checking XDelta and YDelta, so this isn't critical. I'd just like to know if this is normal. (This is Windows 7.)



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Which operating system are you using?

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Sorry, my edit was too slow. I'm using Windows 7, 64 bit. (Happens under .NET and Mono)