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DDS loader not using MIPMAP's?

Using this DDS loader:

I'm fairly confident the mipmaps aren't being used. I edited each one and wrote numbers on them, I tried zooming in and out (using perspective) and scaling, and it always stayed the same image.

From what I have read, OpenGL is supposed to automatically select which mipmap to use, so I shouldn't have to write any separate code for the mipmaps?

I've only just noticed this because I'm trying to implement anisotropic filtering, which I added in the region "Set texture parameters"

GL.TexParameter(TextureTarget.Texture2D, DirectCast(ExtTextureFilterAnisotropic.TextureMaxAnisotropyExt, TextureParameterName), 16)

Removing it, doesn't do anything either.


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Yes, this uses a non-mipmap filter by default, see TextureLoaderParameters.

This is merely example code, feel free to change it as you see fit.

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I saw that oddness in the texture parameter section and I tried changing it which caused crashes, I had totally forgotten about that class. Thanks for that.