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Looking for OpenTK skeletal animation code

Hello, I have started since 5 days now an attempt to make a skeletal model loader with Assimp.

This is an initial release, it does nothing yet (it does not work), but it's something like a project setup ready to use. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0YtvOk65FM1YU5oRGpYeU5jY00/edit?usp=sh...

Obviously it will take more than I expected, probably I will switch back to C++ and try line-by-line to make the code work there, because there are much more resources and more chances of making it work, then I will work again back to OpenTK to finish this.

However I would welcome any OpenTK contributions in order to speed things up. :)


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Progress report, not much yet, I have started from scratch implementing a brand new MD5 model parser.



One thing that is very interesting, is that MD5 format has absolute bone positions, though other hierarchical formats need to translate their offset based on the position of their parent. New knowledge for the brain...