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VBO with complex structures?

I'm not that exprienced in 3D graphics and OpenGL, hope you don't mind my mistakes...

I have a struct that has needings of a Vertex (texcoord, normal, position), but I have no idea how to use it with VBOs.

public struct Vertex
	public Vector2 TexCoord;
	public Vector3 Normal;
	public Vector3 Position;

As all those examples work with seperate elements but my project has so many things to do with XmlSerialization, that's why I'm trying to put these in a hierarchical order, otherwise things will get impossible to work around.

Thanks in advance...


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Are you using shaders or the legacy fixed function pipeline? You can use complex structures in all cases, but the exact OpenGL calls are slightly different.

Take a look at, sections 3a and 3b, as well as the example code in opentk/Source/Examples/OpenGL/1.x/VBOStatic.cs.