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Hi Folks,

I am new to this forums but have been using OpenTK for quite some time now and have been very happy with it. Some really nice functionality for me has always been the throwing of GraphicsErrorExceptions when I made some mistake.
With the upcoming 1.1 branch this feature seems to be missing and "Postproned to 1.2" as the comment on GIThub explains. I don't understand every detail of the changes in OpenTK that removed this feature, but for me it was one very important thing to know when I produced an error like Invalid Value or Invalid Operation.

When can we expect this kind of debug functionaliy to come back?

best regards


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Fraser has implemented this in frassle/opentk, so this will come back as soon as he feels the code is ready for a PR. In all likelihood, this will be part of the March release.

I am really looking forward to re-adding this feature, it's a life-saver during development.

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Fiddler merged this into the develop branch on GitHub with commit
. If you checkout and build OpenTK from GitHub you can start using this feature now.
If you find any issue with it open an issue on GitHub.