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How to display GameWindow in Projector Screen

In one of my C# application, I have two windows. The first window should be displayed on primary screen whereas the second window should be displayed in projector screen.
The first window is a window form, which can be displayed easily in primary screen but how to display the second window (which is a instance of GameWindow class) in projector screen?

Please help.


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Use the GameWindow constructor that takes an explicit DisplayDevice parameter:

            var projector =
                DisplayDevice.GetDisplay(DisplayIndex.Second) ??
                DisplayDevice.GetDisplay(DisplayIndex.Default); // in case the projector is not connected
            var gw2 = new GameWindow(
                "My Window",

Edit: updated with some more robust code to create a fullscreen window on the projector display.

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Thanks a lot Fiddler, It works perfectly and quite simple as well.

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This ?? operator rocks. Didn't know it. :)

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Yeah... see the beauty of null-coalescing operator.