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Transparency problem

Hallo together!

I expect the problem is known and solution is known too.
May be someone can give me a link or quick solution of the problem.

I'm coding in the enveronment using OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL4; just to not use deprecated functions.

My OpenGL initialization looks standard:

GL.BlendFunc(BlendingFactorSrc.SrcAlpha, BlendingFactorDest.OneMinusSrcAlpha);

Rendering with GL.Clear(ClearBufferMask.ColorBufferBit | ClearBufferMask.DepthBufferBit);

Fragment shader (diffuse/specular lighting + transparency for some parts) looks this way:

#version 400
	vec3 N, L, V;
	vec2 tex;
} fs_in;
// Material properties
uniform vec4 Ka, Kd, Ks;
uniform float Ns;
// Lighting properties
uniform vec4 La, Ld, Ls;
uniform vec3 Lpos;
uniform sampler2D texture1;
uniform int texture_id;          // if texture_id is -1, object is not textured
out vec4 frag_color;
void main()
	vec3 N = normalize(fs_in.N);
	vec3 L = normalize(fs_in.L);
	vec3 V = normalize(fs_in.V);
	vec4 Ia = La * Ka;
	vec4 Id = Ld * Kd * max(dot(N, L), 0);
	vec4 Is = Ls * Ks * pow(max(dot(reflect(-L, N), V), 0.0), Ns);
	vec4 texcolor = texture2D(texture1, fs_in.tex);
	if (texture_id == -1)
		frag_color = vec4((Ia + Id + Is).xyz, Kd.a);
		frag_color = Ia + Id * vec4(texcolor.rgb, 0) + Is * texcolor.a;

The result on a test model looks terrible (see a sample image in the attachment).
I have investigated only that transparency is depended on the order rendering.
A sphere and a cube on the picture are semi transparent, but another sphere inside is absolutely invisible and rendering of visible objects is not correct.

I tried to apply to apply some solutions from the Internet, but they always play with BlendFunc and without Depth Test.
I want to keep transparency and depth at the same time. I saw it work in software like "Deep Exploration".
May be I haven't found anything useful.

Thank you!

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As you found out, transparency depends on the order of rendering. See here for some suggestions: