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How to rotate a direction vector by a quaternion?

Hi, I'm probably doing something noobishly stupid, but I'm new to OpenTK and direct matrix math.
My problem is the bottom code, it belongs to my engines camera class. When I alter the rotation of the camera, the scene is rotated, that works. When I change the rotation it also precomputes the forward facing direction vector, currently used for moving throughout the scene using the arrow keys. The problem is that this code doesn't alter the UnitZ vector value, which I believe is (0,0,1)? which in my engine is equivelant to forward. I added the CreateScale part just incase that mattered, but to no prevail. for instance, if I rotate 90 degrees around the Y axis, I should get a vector similar to (1,0,0) either direction, negative where appropriate. But instead it's just returning the original vector value, (0,0,1). :3 please help!

private Quaternion _rot;
        public Quaternion rotation
            get { return _rot; }
                _rot = value;
                Vector3 direction = Vector3.UnitZ;
                Matrix4 rot = Matrix4.CreateFromQuaternion(_rot) * Matrix4.CreateScale(1,1,1);
                Vector3 newDirection;
                Vector3.TransformVector(ref direction, ref rot, out newDirection);
                forward = newDirection;
        public Vector3 forward { get; private set; }


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Ok another case of self solving, but I'm still not sure if the solution I have is the correct way to do this. I realized that the vector was changing, because when I moved through the scene it wasn't just back and forth like I thought it was. I discovered that the scale line I added is important, by reversing the x axis with a -1 value. It now works. But is this correct?