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Open GL without graphics cards

Hi, I'm developping on my PC and everything's working but I found that the PC of my client doesn't have any Graphics cards.
I've found Mesa 3D following this post :
I want to know if it's possible to use it with OpenTK ( and how ? ) ?

Thank you!


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Yes, it is possible to use Mesa3d with OpenTK. You are most likely using windows, so all you need to do is build Mesa3d using Visual Studio and copy the resulting dll in your application folder. You can probably find prebuilt dlls online if you don't care about using the latest OpenGL features.

Two things to note:

  • The dll must be named opengl32.dll, so rename it if it's different
  • The dll must match the bitness of your application, i.e. a x86 dll for a x86 application and a x64 dll for a x64 application.

Feel free to post here if you encounter any problems.

Edit: if your client has a monitor, then he also has a graphics card. Many computers have graphics card integrated into their CPUs these days, so you can use that provided the correct drivers are installed (you can download these from or Mesa3d is very slow, so you might wish to check if you can install proper drivers on your client's system instead.

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Ok, thank you I'll check on his computer.
Thank you again!