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Exclusive fullscreen

Hi there,
I'm sure this has been asked a few times before but I couldn't find a proper answer. Is it possible to have exclusive fullscreen for a OpenTK GameWindow. I want the Window Manager to be deactivated like in every other DX game.
Otherwise I'd have to switch to DX.



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Is there a documented way on how to enable exclusive fullscreen in an OpenGL application? I have checked the source code for SDL2, GLFW3, FreeGLUT, Ogre3d, Irrlicht3d, Panda3d and all use the same approach as OpenTK.

If you can provide a reference on exclusive fullscreen + OpenGL, I would be happy to implement this.

Edit: I just checked, and it appears that OpenTK.GameWindow *is* using exclusive fullscreen. If I hit printscreen on a fullscreen window I get a black frame, which means that the window manager is bypassed. YMMV

Edit 2: if you wish to change the monitor resolution when going fullscreen, either pass GameWindowFlags.Fullscreen to the GameWindow constructor, or call DisplayDevice.GetDisplay(index).ChangeResolution() before calling GameWindow.WindowState = WindowState.Fullscreen.

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Yes. As far as i know, you can enable the full screen.

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I had a correct screenshot when I tried that. (Windows 8.1 x64)

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I tested on Win7 x64 with a Nvidia 650Ti. Win8 has a new WDDM and can no longer turn off the WDM - which might explain why printscreen works there.

In any case, OpenTK is using the proper / documented / correct way to enter fullscreen in OpenGL. This is the same approach used by every OpenGL application I have ever seen - but if there is a better way, do let me know and I'll implement it. It might be worth asking on stackoverflow.