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Cannot retrieve maximum patch vertices with GL.GetInteger

I cannot find an enum value for GL_MAX_PATCH_VERTICES with GL.GetInteger. Should I use the numeral value instead?
Anyway, I hope it can be added to the enum list in following versions.


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Thanks, fixed in 4ae65c8. This will be part of 1.1.2 to be released next week.

All missing values can be found in the All enum, so you can always cast (GetPName)All.MaxPatchVertices as a workaround.

You can also add missing values to overrides.xml and execute Generator.Bind to regenerate the bindings. (In that case, please submit a pull request on github!)

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Appreciate! Looking forward to the coming v1.1.2:)
btw: I also find that GL_MAX_*_IMAGE_UNIFORMS are missing from GetPName enum list. Sorry but I have no experience on github to help.

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Thanks, commit 168713a fixes the missing GL_MAX_*_IMAGE_UNIFORMS.

It is generally easier if you report such issues at https://github.com/opentk/opentk/issues, simply because they can be linked with specific commits and reviewed. Bug reports in the forums have a tendency to disappear if left alone for a few days.