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OpenAL gen buffers tutorial

I'm following the OpenAL tutorial in the documentation and have already run into a problem. When I get to

AL.GenBuffers(2, out MyBuffers);

It produces an error, saying:

Argument 2:cannot convert from 'out uint[] to 'out int'
The best overloaded method match for 'OpenTK.Audio.OpenAL.AL.GenBuffers(int, out int)' has some invalid arguments


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That was a typo in the documentation, fixed now:

int[] MyBuffers = AL.GenBuffers(2);
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any reason the way presented won't work? looks like there is an overload that would allow it, am I misinterpreting? (by the way the change worked, thanks)

Also, some other parts of it may be slightly dated as well. The XRam portion doesn't have any overloads that accept only 2 arguments.

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There is no int[] overload, only out int. You can pass out MyBuffers[0] and that will work, but it looks a bit ugly.

The long-term solution would be to autogenerate the OpenAL bindings using the binding generator. That way we'd get a consistent interface (e.g. this issue wouldn't exist in the first place), automatic error detection and other nice things . However, an OpenAL xml registry does not (yet) exist so this is going to take a while.