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3D Sculpting help


Guys I want a help please

I want Simple project for 3D Sculpting Using Opentk ( OpenGL Version 2.1 ) and C# and .NET 4.0

Please if anyone or professional developers Upload or create Simple example or project for 3D Sculpting Like Sculptris.

Thanks, and I hope see Examples.


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Sculptris and similar programs like Zbrush take thousands upon thousands of man hours to create, you cant just create them over the weekend or make a tutorial.
You most likely need to pay someone for a project of this kind.

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Hopefully there is Blender 3D and SculptGL that they are both usable and opensource, the real deal is that this is a no-joke project, needs extremely motivated developers to make it happen.

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thanks guys for answer

I thought, opentk developers created project before or personal project before, So I'm Just ant example of 3d Sculpting Using opentk and C# or VB.NET

Yes, I know Blender and SculptGL, But created in C++ and I hate C++ and I can't understand it, never...

anyways, if anyone created personal project or example of 3d Sculpting I hope Uploading it .

and I don't want professional project, just Simple, Just Digital Sculpting.


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There's a very simple CSG example in OpenTK ( which might be what you after? But in general "just Simple, just Digital Sculpting" is an oxymoron, Digital Sculpting isn't simple it's like asking for "just simple, just an operating system" some things are complex.

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thanks for answer,

I thought it's Simple, But You are professional more than me, and know more than me.

I don't know, but if you can help or make example for that, it will be wonderful.

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I'll probably do an example on subdivision surfaces at some point but,
A) It will be in F# and GL3 as that's what I work with.
B) it will be done when I'm ready, I unfortunately have to prioritise me free time someway.

At any rate catmull clark subdivision is what you want to look up, by itself its not too complicated but will require a lot of work on top to resemble anything like digital sculpting.

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thank brother

but if you can do example for 3d sculpting in C# or and opengl 2.1, it's better, I hope that .