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Frame time increases when mouse moves

I've noticed a strange issue, when moving mouse rapidly increases the rendering time by about 3-5 ms.
I checked my code and it seems to be innocent related to this. Is it normal for this to happen or should i look more deeply into my code?


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Easiest solution: use a profiler to find which function consumes too much CPU time. If that function is in OpenTK, submit a bug report at https://github.com/opentk/opentk/issues, with the following information:

- Version of OpenTK
- Operating system
- Version of .Net or Mono

Note that WinForms / GLControl will generally consume a higher amount of CPU time generating events, compared to GameWindow.

On Linux and Mac OS X, Mono comes with a built-in profiler. On Windows, you can use the Visual Studio profiler (if available) or you can search and download a free .Net profiler.