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OpenTK and Xamarin

Hi OpenTK People!

OpenTK looks like a whole beast in and of itself! I hope this is not too off topic, and I apologize if it is. But is it a fair question to say that most OpenTK developers use Xamarin? Or is it the other way around? (most Xamarin developers use OpenTK if they make games?)

I also have another question, probably off topic (more apologies) - I created a shared library in Xamarin that uses OpenTK-1.0 and the corresponding library... But I always get a compilation error with this being the first: GL.Begin (GL_QUADS); (OpenTK.Graphics.ES11.GL does not contain a definition for Begin).

The main project is targetint ice cream sandwich (and it references some OpenTK-1.0 on the machine without downloading this library). But now I'm trying to create a corresponding shared library - seems I'm not picking the right mono.Android.dll and OpenTK-1.0.dll.... Does anyone know how to help with this?

Thanks a lot!


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OpenGL ES does not support GL.Begin-GL.End. You have to use vertex buffer objects instead.

Refer to the OpenGL ES 1.1 reference pages for a list of supported functions.

OpenTK-1.0.dll is built into Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS out of the box. The desktop version of the library (found here) gets around 1K downloads a week from sourceforge and an unknown number of downloads through other means (i.e. source code, linux package managers, or bundled with popular products such as MonoGame.) The last number I saw quoted for Xamarin was 500K registered users and 30K subscribers - a subset of whom may be using OpenGL ES through OpenTK.

Edit: you will probably get a quicker answer for Xamarin.Android-specific questions on the Xamarin forums.

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Thank you Fiddler! Sorry for my late response!