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How do you resolve multisample FBOs?

I understand that the buffers you are rendering TO are being made with GL.TexImage2DMultisample instead of GL.TexImage2D, and during rendering you GL.Enable(EnableCap.Multisample);

What happens after that, can you use those textures directly or you have to resolve them, and how?


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AFAIK, you can use the attached textures directly for subsequent rendering. The driver will automatically handle all necessary data manipulation things when textures are used.

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It doesnt work like that. Also you cant set mipmap levels on the multisample textures.

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I'm rendering to one FBO, and then blitting the result to another.
When both are using Texture2D (no AA/Multisample) it works fine.

Then I changed how the source FBO's Color and Depth textures are generated with
GL.TexImage2DMultisample(TextureTargetMultisample.Texture2DMultisample, 4, ...
instead of GL.TexImage2D(...

Bound them with GL.Ext.FramebufferTexture2D(FramebufferTarget.FramebufferExt, ...., TextureTarget.Texture2DMultisample,...
instead of TextureTarget.Texture2D,

And finally Enabled EnableCap.Multisample before rendering to the source.

Why is it not working?
Do I have to switch the source textures with RenderBuffers and how/why?