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[Solved] InvalidValue from GL.ShaderSource

I have a shader generating procedure. The code is stored in simple string field. Then I use that simple code

Handler = GL.CreateShader(Type);
            if (Handler == 0)
                return Handler;
            //Set Source
            GL.ShaderSource(Handler, _code);
            var error = GL.GetError();

One of my generated shaders causes error variable equal to InvalidValue after calling GetError. As you can see handler is created just before code setting and _code field contains 100% correct code.

Can anyone help me with this issue?


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Can you test with one of the other GL.ShaderSource() overloads that takes 4 parameters?

It would also help if you could upload the failing shader somewhere (preferrably as a txt file, in order to preserve its contents.)

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Thank you for respond.

Testing other overrides failed too.

And here is the shader code:

#version 330 core
void norm(void);
void proj(void);
void main(){

next CreateShader call returns the same value as for the failed shader and it works fine.

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Ok, one more test. Try using:

int Handler;
GL.CreateShader(Type, out Handler);

Does it work now?

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I don't have the method in my version of OpenTK.

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My mistake, you are right.

Is this Windows 64bit? Which version of .Net are you using?

I will try to reproduce the issue.

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Win7 x64, .NET 4.5

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I don't know if it could be usefull but when I looked through all Shader Creation moments I've noticed that Handlers are quite sequential:

1,2,3,4,5,6,8(and that handler causes failure)
As you can see there is no 7.

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This smells like a driver issue to me. Are you using multiple OpenGL contexts?

I would suggest using apitrace to trace what is really going on here.

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Thank you for the link. The problem was in wrong Attribute location binding. I was tring to bind it before program created.

I must be carefull refactoring my code.

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Glad you solved it.

You can catch such errors sooner if you test with a debug version of OpenTK.dll (simply use OpenTK.sln to build the dll in debug mode.) The debug version will throw an exception as soon as an OpenGL error is an encountered.