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Using OpenTK for Real physics simulations


I would like to write an app for physics simulations based on mono, OpenTk and Cloo libraries. But I am not sure if it will work on a cluster of the server.
I did some stuff based on Axiom (http://axiom3d.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) and Ogre (http://www.ogre3d.org/) game engines but problem is that I can do simulations only on my PC to start it on server so called "null renderer" is needed, and these engines don't have its implementation, to implement it myself it is too difficult.
Can anybody advice me what skim to follow with Mono, OpenTK and Cloo to correctly implement simulation app that will run on PC and on a cluster as well, were I don't need to have any graphics to be rendered.

In principle with other game engines I had all my 3D in OpenGL and its animation was governed with C++ math functions. Will I be able to start my application on a cluster if I still have all 3D representation with OpenTK.OpenGL and math that will be governing movement of 3D objects with Cloo ? I am getting file outputs of all the data that needs to be processed during the simulation so no need in graphical output at all, just its much more easier to use OpenGL already ready structures rather then implementing them from the scratch in the code as 2D or 3D arrays of the coordinates.

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There are two separate parts here:
1. simulation
2. visualization

My advice would be to perform all simulation steps on the cluster (via OpenTK/Cloo) and download results on a client for visualization (via OpenTK.Graphics).

You can use OpenTK math functions on a cluster without a GPU. The same should hold for Cloo, although I have not tested that myself.

OpenTK.Graphics require an OpenGL driver. You can use a software OpenGL implementation, such as Mesa3d to run OpenTK.Graphics on the cluster, but you will get much better performance if you use proper hardware acceleration on a client with a GPU.