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Updaing openTK Control

Hi everyone I hope someone can help me.

I have a command design pattern which updates my model this in turn updates my model objects.

My TKControl is on my main thread with a standard render loop approach.

To keep the ui responsive my picker class to select objects in the control is threaded. The command then has a callback which then calls the model to do something eg add a new object.

The threaded picker works great.

The added model object can render itself ie contains OpenGL commands but when I call the model to add the object it crash the app. (I believe because I am trying to update the view (Control)

from outside of the main thread. my question is there a way I can restructure my design to make this work?

I know I cannot call GL from off the main thread. do I need to employ some locks in my rendering loop or is that not going to help?

    public class AddObjectCommand : ViewUICommand, ICommand
        DrawableShape _Shape1;
        List<Guid> _ShapeOffsetsGU;
        public AddObjectCommand ()
        void ICommand.Execute()
            Environment.Instance.Picker.pickerfinished += new PickingCompletedCallBack(Picker_pickerfinished);
        void Picker_pickerfinished()
            Environment.Instance.Picker.pickerfinished -= new PickingCompletedCallBack(Picker_pickerfinished);
            _Shape1 = Environment.Instance.Picker._SelectedShapes[0];
              Environment.Instance.Model.AddObject(new Polyline(new Vector3f(0f, 0f, 0f), Color.Cyan, true)); **** crashes when it hits the rendering code in the polyline object****
        void ICommand.UnExecute()


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You can use Control.BeginInvoke to execute code on the UI thread. Try using that to call Model.AddObject.

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Thanks for your suggestion fiddler I shall try that out