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Mono compile errors.

With Mono 1.9, a new error appears compiling SVN:

OpenTK/trunk/Source/OpenTK/Audio/OpenAL/AL/AL.cs, Line=442, Column=29, Type=Error, Priority=Normal, Description=Overloaded method `OpenTK.OpenAL.AL.GenSources(int)' differing only in ref or out, or in array rank, is not CLS-compliant(CS3006)

It shows the error for the single integer overload in each of AL.GenSources, AL.DeleteSources, AL.GenBuffers, and AL.DeleteBuffers.

Edit: Six more; OpenAL.EfxExtension.DeleteAuxiliary, EfxExtension.GenAuxiliary, EfxExtension.DeleteFilters, EfxExtension.GenFilters, EfxExtension.DeleteEffects, EfxExtension.GenEffects.


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Thanks, will fix.