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OpenAL Hello World


I tried your "Hello World" example to get OpenAL off the ground, but I wasn't able to get very far :( Alut.Init() returns false and Al.GetError() returns NoError. What can I do to troubleshoot this?



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Are you using the SVN?

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Paremeterless Alut.Init implies that Alut attempts to open the default AL device, which either could not be identified or initialized in your case. Assuming other audio application work on your PC, your problem can most likely be solved by going through http://www.opentk.com/doc/chapter/1/troubleshooting and installing oalinst.exe (assuming you're using windows)

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First things first: windows or linux?

Then, which version of openal are you using? Typical versions are the Sample Implementation (oalinst.exe on Windows, libopenal.so.0 on linux), kcat's OpenAL Soft, Creative's (if you have a Creative sound card) or Apple's (if you are on MacOS).

AL.GetError() won't work without an openal context. Try using Alut.GetError and Alc.GetError() instead.

Also, keep in mind that Alut has been replaced by OpenTK.Audio.AudioContext in SVN - if you have an SVN client, try downloading the latest code, which has better error reporting than Alut.