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OpenAL: Listener orientation seems to be ignored

Hello all,

in my program, the listener follows a car. I have the global coordinates of the car, as well as the rotation around the x, y and z axis. I now configured the listener to follow the car at a distance of 5 units (respecting the rotation of the coordinate system). When my car takes a turn, the noise wanders around me, exactly the way it does with the default listener orientation. My orientation seems to be ignored, but if I check AL.GetError(), there is no error, and if I read the listener orientation from AL.GetListener, I get the values I configured. Is there a way to check if my orientation is correct / accepted?

Thank you



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You can use Al.GetListener(ALListenerfv.Orientation, out at, out up) to get the look at and up vectors for the listener, your forward vector is then (at - position). Hopefully that can help with your debugging.

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Thanks Frassle, I already checked that. Strange enough - the values I get from AL.GetListener imply that my listener orientation has been accepted.

I read somewhere that the at- and the up-vector have to be perpendicular. I use double values out of a simulation tool, which are then casted to floats. That way, they are still perpendicular but their perpendicularity might be off by like 1*10^-2. Can that be the problem? Do the values have to be exactly perpendicular, meaning their vector product has to be exactly 0? What happens if the perpendicularity is not satisfied?

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You'll rarely get perfectly perpendicular vectors due to float precision, that shouldn't be an issue.

A couple of things I can think of:

  1. Are the vectors normalized?
  2. Do you have SourceRelative set to false on the sources?
  3. Can you share the math that sets these values?