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Referencing VS OpenTK Project always rebuilds the project

I have opted to import the OpenTK and GLControl projects into my solution, and my assembly references the two PROJECT, as opposed to the dlls they build. The reason for this is so that the appropriate dlls are referenced depending on my build configuration (ie. I will get a debug build of OpenTK when my solution is built as debug).

However, VS rebuilds OpenTK each time I run my startup project, which causes a noticeable delay to application run. Any ideas on why this is happening

I am aware of the $(Configuration) var / symbol that I could use in the .csproj, but I found this cumbersome and I would not always remember to make that change (and therefore miss out on useful debugging information). I'd rather get the project reference working if I can.


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See the following commit in my current branch of openTK ( The OpenTK.dll.config file was set to always be copied which triggered a complete rebuild everytime. If you set it to only copy if newer you'll find it will only rebuild if something changes.

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I believe this is caused by the post-build step that runs Generator.Rewrite on OpenTK.dll. This only affects Visual Studio - MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio somehow avoid rebuilding the whole project from scratch every time.

If someone knows of a solution, please share. The constant rebuilding can get quite annoying after a while.

Edit: ninja'd. Seriously, Visual Studio?

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Great, thanks for the fix.