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isShader(obj) and isProgram(obj) both return true

Is this expected or

int shaderObj = GL.CreateShader(type);
            GL.ShaderSource(shaderObj, src);
public static void CheckStatus(int obj)
            bool a = GL.IsShader(obj);
            bool k = GL.IsProgram(obj);

Strangely, both isShader and isProgram return true. Is this normal OpenGL behaviour? Is this a bug in OpenTK? My program was working fine before but recently I changed my graphics card to a NVidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti and updated to the latest drivers (now that I think on it, it was a beta release).

I will try to downgrade to the latest stable Nvidia drivers and see if the error persists.


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This is indeed a bug, which has been fixed in opentk/develop. The fix will be part of the July release, this week.

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Good to hear, thank you