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Oculus Orientation

I wonder where do i get the current orientation for the oculus. I meen the agle of the view not the position. The position is the camera vector.

Is this the orientation of the view/oculus ? How can i get a vector or cordiants of the view orientation ?

            Matrix4 matrix;
            Camera.GetProjectionMatrix(camera_type, out matrix);
            GL.LoadMatrix(ref matrix);
            Camera.GetModelviewMatrix(camera_type, out matrix);
            GL.LoadMatrix(ref matrix);


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OculusCamera is a simply a helper class around the OculusRift class. You can access the raw values from the device through OculusRift.Orientation or OculusRift.PredictedOrientation.

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Thank you again :D sorry if i am to much a bother but i only have two weeks to build a working fractal program. Are u by any chance the programer for OpenTK ?

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No worries, and yes (among others.)