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OpenGL Debug and OpenTK in Debug

Dear All,

I want to enable OpenTKs "Debug Mode". So that I get a GL.GetError() after each call and an Exception is thrown.

For this I configured my project the way that it uses the Debug Binaries of OpenTK for Debug and Release Binaries of OpenTK for Release by manually editing the csproj files
(as suggested by "The Fiddler")

What I expect is that there is an exception thrown because I know that I generate a "Invalid Value" Error. When I launch GL.GetError() I get it as well. But nothing else happens compared to Release Mode.

What do I miss?

Thanks in advance!



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Just make sure that you set "Thrown" to on for the "Common Language Runtime Exceptions".

That OpenTK can do this in Debug Mode is just awesome! Love it!

Best again!