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TextureEnvMode Enum [fixed]

I am missing the GL_REPLACE value in the TextureEnvMode enum. TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt = ((int)0X8062) has not the right value for GL_REPLACE:

#define GL_REPLACE 0x1E01

At the moment I use TextureEnvModeCombine.Replace, which has the right value (0x1E01).

GL.TexEnv(TextureEnvTarget.TextureEnv, TextureEnvParameter.TextureEnvMode, (float)TextureEnvModeCombine.Replace);

Is this intented?
Passing a value from the TextureEnvMode enum would make more sense to me, if TextureEnvParameter.TextureEnvMode is used in GL.TexEnv.

Or what did I mistake here?


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Confirmed, TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt and TextureEnvModeCombine.Replace should both be 0x1e01. The problem could be that they're considered to be different by the generator (ext and core token). Thanks for pointing that out :)

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Why is the value named TextureEnvMode.ReplaceExt and not just TextureEnvMode.Replace, like in the OpenGL spec.?

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Which specs?

TextureEnvMode enum:
	MODULATE					= 0x2100
	DECAL						= 0x2101
	use GetPName BLEND
	use EXT_texture REPLACE_EXT
	use AccumOp ADD
	use SGIX_texture_add_env TEXTURE_ENV_BIAS_SGIX


EXT_texture enum:
           REPLACE_EXT					= 0x8062

The only reference to REPLACE comes from StencilOp (which contains the correct value, 0x1E01). Yep, the specs are quite buggy :)

I'll fix this by hand, but it might be a good idea to log a bug at the khronos bugzilla.

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OK, my fault. With specs I meant the ManPage for gltexenv.

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From http://opengl.org/registry/specs/EXT/texture.txt

Accepted by the parameter of TexEnvf, TexEnvi, TexEnvfv, and TexEnvfi when the parameter value is GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE


From http://opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/texture_env_combine.txt

Accepted by the parameter of TexEnvf, TexEnvi, TexEnvfv, and TexEnviv when the parameter value is COMBINE_RGB_ARB or COMBINE_ALPHA_ARB



I found a sample that it should be 0x1e01 yesterday. Does this refer to the EXT_texture which was promoted to core in 1.2, or the stencil token? *confused*

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