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Tool for screen capturing


does anybody know a good freeware tool for screen capturing? I need a tool to make a video like objarni did (see http://www.opentk.com/node/332#comment-1488).
I tested CamStudio, but I didn't manage to record my GameWindow in real-time with a sufficient frame-rate.
The other thing which comes to my mind is to use GL.ReadPixels() after a game loop iteration and write it to a bitmap and make my own built video.


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I used CamStudio. Another one which I haven't tested for OpenTK/GLControl-apps, but for other purposes some year ago, is SnagIt.

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http://www.fraps.com/ is worth a try, too. Note that a video only needs 20-30fps to appear smooth.

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Thanks for the replies. I tested CamStudio again and I managed it to record a small movie with a sufficient frame-rate.
I changed the codec in the Video-Options to one, which doesn't eat so much resources and I increased the Thread-Priority.