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3d designer Please help me

Hello do you have any idea on how to create a simple 3d designer? I want to make a simple website like 3dtin.com or allmost like a tinkercad.com.
please response.
thanks in advance :-)


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There is a saying about very expensive stuff 'if you have to ask about the price then you cant afford it'. Same here, you should be asking very specific questions, and not a broad one like this.

As bullet points on what you need to research:
- loading models from a specific file format(which you exported from a 3d modelling software) or generate the simple shapes with code
-rendering the objects with the techniques you want/need like normal mapping, shadow mapping, wireframe etc
-camera movement
-object picking(with mouse), this could be based on a bounding box/sphere or per polygon/triangle level.

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Yes sir, I understand your point and I do it before. But, all I saw are only example of 3d object with code. I need a source code of 3d editor to create some 3d object, like i said a 3dtin.com and tinkercad.com.

Do you have any idea for the code of 3d editor sir or what tools should i use to develop online 3d editor ?
Do you have some suggest website that can help to my problem? :-/
Tanks in advance sir :-)

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Blender http://www.blender.org/download/ is Open Source, you could try looking at its code.