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[Solved]Screen Size not working correctly

When I create my window using the Gamewindow class, the window size isn't coming out the size I ask for.

If I make the simple program:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        using (var game = new GameWindow(200,200))

the screen area (excluding the window border) comes out at exactly 250 x 250. GameWindow's Width and Height variables confirm this (as does measuring a screenshot in Paint).

Using 500,500 gives size 625, 625.

It seems the screen dimensions are 25% bigger than the size I ask for... why is this?

I tried calling

game.Size = new Size(200,200);

directly before game.Run but this resizes the window (inclusive of of the window border) to that size, meaning the screen area comes out at only 182 x 153.



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You probably have DPI scaling set at 125%.

If you need exact sizing in pixels, set:

 game.ClientSize = new Size(200, 200);

ClientSize sets the size of the client area (without borders) in pixels. Size sets the size of the window area (with borders) in native screen coordinates (points).

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That solves it, thanks.

Still seems odd though! What sets DPI scaling, can I not change that?

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DPI scaling is an OS setting. OpenTK has no control over it, but a user can change it using the display settings in the control panel.

In most cases, you should not hardcode windows to a specific pixel size. For example, a 500x500 pixel window will be unusably small on a modern 4K monitor. Instead, you should respect the OS settings and accept that a 500x500 point window may create a 1000x1000 pixel window on system with 200% DPI scaling (e.g. a retina MacBook).

If you must force a specific resolution for some reason, you have two options:
1. Render to a framebuffer object with the desired size. You can then scale to the window size using an interpolation filter of your choice (point, linear or a custom shader.)
2. Disable HiDPI support using:

static void Main()
    var options = new ToolkitOptions
        EnableHighResolution = false
    using (OpenTK.Init(options))
    using (var game = new GameWindow(500, 500))

Just to reiterate, you should not force a specific window size in pixels. Doing so will render your application unusable on an increasing number of systems with HiDPI monitors.