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Texture loader

I see the documentation for the texture loaders, but for some reason my brain is preventing me from finding them in the source code.

Can someone tell me which branch and namespace the ImageDDS class is in?

Sorry for the stupid question, I'm sure I am missing something obvious, but sometimes its easier just to ask.

For now, I am using a Tao.DevIL based texture loader from another project, but I'd like to try the OpenTK one as well.


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I've mailed the loaders twice, but Fiddler had no time to review and commit the code. This plus the question deciding the namespace and rewriting all error-management to throw exceptions rather than reporting to Trace and by returns delayed it a bit. Will be commited soon^TM(C)(do not quote)(R)

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Thanks for the quick response. I am somewhat relieved to know that I am not blind.

My DevIL based loader will suffice until you are done.

BTW, I send Fiddler a messages requesting to join this project. I think this is exactly the toolkit that I need to convert my MDX (half ported to XNA) based game into a cross platform one.


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Welcome, how about introducing the project under "personal projects" in the forum?

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I am still proofing all of the required features. Once I am beyond that, I will.