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Simple FBO render to texture

Seems the FrameBufferObject example is missing in 0.9.1 so here it is.

Program's operation:

  • Create an empty color and depth 2D texture.
  • Create a FBO, attach color and depth textures and and enable it.
  • Render some random triangles into the textures using the FBO.
  • Disable FBO. (end of initialization)
  • Each frame, draw the color and depth textures rendered earlier as quads on the screen. (color is left, depth is right)
Program.cs12.84 KB


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Just commited an updated version to SVN.

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Thanks, I'm aware it's not the best RTT application ever written, but it proves that the changes work.

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And it's also good as an example. Judging from forum posts on Tao and elsewhere, many people encounter problems gettings FBOs to work.