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You guys are great!

Thank you very much for everything you have done with OpenTK! It has made my life much easier with learning OpenGL using C#.

Glad you're using the MIT license! That's my definition of freedom.

Looking forward to posting a demo of what I have done when it is presentable (it will be awhile).


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I agree. This is a really good project that is the right-sized answer to the question of cross platform C# OpenGL development.

I think they have struck a really good balance between providing enough tools to be useful without limiting the consumer to a particular engine ideology.

I am currently porting my GUI system to use OpenTK and building some OO class wrappers around the OpenTK libs.

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Me too I was looking something like this for ages for the project i'm working on Low level enough to mess with GL stuff but with helper classes with thinks that are annoying to do (like writing text). Once the project progresses enough i'll be posting it on the project forum :D

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Looking forward to see your projects and I think it's kinda safe to say that I'm speaking for everyone who contributed to OpenTK: Glad you like it :)